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Gross Anatomy Videos

  • Innovative strides were made this year in the Department of Medical Neuroscience in new teaching methodology. Thanks to a grant from Deans office now first-year medical and dental students can watch their way through complex concepts of Head & neck anatomy tailored to their by transforming their computers into virtual microscopes.

  • The idea of interactive video learning to be used as an educational tool is growing as these videos are being used in different medical schools across the Canada, have even crossed the border to some medical schools in the United States and across to the U.K.

  • My vision is to have medical schools have access to this tool for the betterment of medical and dental schools in their learning pursuits and we share our resources with each other.

  • From a faculty perspective: the videos will lessen time commitment from the faculty as it will cut down on the hours spent to give extra help tutorials. The videos actually have an extra help component where students are able to quiz the knowledge that they have learnt from watching the videos. The videos have a visual component where students can study the difficult concepts, normally found quite hard to grasp, easier than the regular lab-lecture-textbook method of teaching.

  • There have been four head & neck video series and three pelvis & perineum video series developed in total.

Quiz / Answer Videos

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Abdomen Videos

Part 1 (Quicktime)
Part 2 (Quicktime)
Part 3 (Quicktime)
Part 4 (Quicktime)

Part 1 (Windows Media)
Part 2 (Windows Media)
Part 3 (Windows Media)
Part 4 (Windows Media)

Head and Neck Videos

Nasal Cavity, Mouth & Tongue, Pharynx, Larynx (Quicktime)
Nasal Cavity, Mouth & Tongue, Pharynx, Larynx (Windows Media)

Part 1 - The skull and the Intracranial Region
HeadNeck1.mov (Quicktime)
HeadNeck1.wmv (Windows Media)

Part 2 - Facial Nerve and the Muscles of Facial Expression
HeadNeck2.mov (Quicktime)
HeadNeck2.wmv (Windows Media)

Part 3 - Trigeminal Nerve and Infratemporal Fossa
HeadNeck3.mov (Quicktime)
HeadNeck3.wmv (Windows Media)

Part 4 - Anterior and posterior Triangles of the Neck
HeadNeck4.mov (Quicktime)
HeadNeck4.wmv (Windows Media)

Pelvis and Perineum Videos

Osteology and Muscles of the Pelvis
Male and Female Perineum
Nerves of Pelvis & Perineum

Osteology and Muscles of the Pelvis (Windows Media)
Male and Female Perineum
(Windows Media)
Nerves of Pelvis & Perineum
(Windows Media)

Upper Limb Videos

Upper Limb Video 1 (Quicktime)
Upper Limb Video 2 (Quicktime)
Upper Limb Video 3 (Quicktime)
Upper Limb Video 4 (Quicktime)

Upper Limb Video 1 (Windows Media)
Upper Limb Video 2 (Windows Media)
Upper Limb Video 3 (Windows Media)
Upper Limb Video 4 (Windows Media)


Thorax Video 1 (Quicktime)
Thorax Video 2 (Quicktime)
Thorax Video 3 (Quicktime)
Thorax Video 4 (Quicktime)

Thorax Video 1 (Windows Media)
Thorax Video 2 (Windows Media)
Thorax Video 3 (Windows Media)
Thorax Video 4 (Windows Media)

Lower Limb Videos

Lower Limb Video 1 (Quicktime)
Lower Limb Video 2 (Quicktime)
Lower Limb Video 3 (Quicktime)
Lower Limb Video 4 (Quicktime)

Lower Limb Video 1 (Windows Media)
Lower Limb Video 2 (Windows Media)
Lower Limb Video 3 (Windows Media)
Lower Limb Video 4 (Windows Media)


Dr. Gita Sinha

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